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During more than 25 years Roltrex Cargo Broker BV has been involved in the shipment of goods around the world by sea, air, land and waterways, and is still very adept at serving customers around the world.

After the founding in 1981 as a leasing company for rolling stock, such as trucks, cars, vans and other types of vehicles, Roltrex has slowly developed into a specialist in transporting classic cars, special cars, collector cars, trucks and motorcycles from the United States to Europe.

Roltrex is not only focused on the transport of cars and car parts. We can transport and handle all goods from anywhere in the world. Whatever you are transporting, we support and help our customers to transport their goods and we continuously search for the most suitable way of transport at the best price.

In today's demanding world arranging transport from A to B is no longer enough. Therefore Roltrex positioned itself as a spider in the web of logistics, where we operate to provide all kinds of services related to the transportation industry. This includes storage, handling and taking care of all the necessary customs documents, including tax clearance and customs clearance. This gives you, our appreciated customer, peace of mind about the whole process.

Roltrex covers all European countries and all states in the United States by using an extensive network of agents. As a result, we are able to pick up from anywhere in both the United States and in Europe.

After the arrival of your car in our warehouse, Roltrex can deliver your precious new possession by exclusive closed transport, straight to your doorstep. We are happy to inform you about all the possibilities and prices.

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