Roltrex Cargo Broker BV is your ideal partner to import your car or motorcycle from the United States to Europe. Throughout the years we have specialized in the handling of all matters relating to the import of various vehicles.

We are definitely specialist in transporting classic cars, special cars, collector cars, trucks and motorcycles. Not just from the United States to Europe, but also between all European countries.

Ofcourse it's also possible for Roltrex to transport other goods. For example car parts, cargo and food. Roltrex may (on application or on its own initiative) consolidate goods, which will fill up the containers sooner and thereby depart faster from their place of origin. This way speeds up delivery considerably.

After arrival in Rotterdam, the vehicles or goods are unloaded in a reputable warehouse with experienced staff, giving your car or goods a careful treatment. Roltrex cooperates with experienced partners, but can also arrange to deliver your goods in a warehouse of your choice.

The actual transport and unloading of cars, motorcycles or goods is only one chapter of the whole story. All paperwork concerned is also provided by Roltrex. This includes both standard and tax clearances, and all kinds of customs documents.

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